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Does anyone have any news about Dead Space 4. Or will we forever be stuck with that cliff hanger?

Admittedly, making a story after that ending and how DS3 ended... might be hard!
Spoilers will be posted in the comments.

Been awhile, I finally got some money and bought Awakened.

How'd everyone like it? Enjoy the ending? the new enemies and the interesting mind screwer-y?

What does Awakened Hold for Dead Space 4? Will there be a Dead Space 4?
The comments below will have spoilers! look at your own risk!!

What did everyone think of the ending?  Hmm? I hope everyone enjoyed the ride of Dead Space! Until the next one!!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying DEAD SPACE 3

My area did not have a midnight release so I'll have to wait until 10 am EST to get my copy.

Remember, Please do not submit spoilers or talk about spoilers until a month after this day.
Hey everyone, I'd just like to take the time to thank all our members for making us the number #1 dead space fan club out here. We've been here for 2 years now and we're just the best.

That being said, remember, we have a contest still going on. We need a new icon that fits for the new DeadSpace 3!!!

The contest ends on the last day of October!!!

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